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Scott Bannister
Scott Bannister

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It Matters to the One Saved?

Why am I involved in Life Outreach International as a volunteer fundraiser? My passion for mission feeding started approximately 6 years ago when I started watching their program on T.V., Life Today. I know this passion was put in my heart by the Lord, because prior to this, I have never even had a small interest in mission work and yet here I am. I am reminded of the story where a father and son are walking on the beach, the beach is covered with washed up star fish. The father reaches down, picks up a star fish, walks over and places back in the ocean. The sons says, what are you doing Dad, there are thousands and thousands of star fish,you will never be able to save them all. THE DAD RESPONDS, WELL SON, IT MATTERS TO THIS ONE. In August 2007 I attended a Willow Creek Leadership Summit in Wichita, Kansas. One of talks given by Bill Hybels was on discovering your ?Holy Discontent? and how to feed your Holy Discontent and not run away from it. What one area in your life is the Lord working, what is the one thing that the Lord keeps whispering to you? The one thing you feel COMPELLED to do. Mine was Life Outreach Int?l Mission Feeding, even more specifically, those suffering and starving in parts of Africa. My pastor (Brent Clayton) recently said in one of his sermons that ?God is not safe?. He will stretch us, pull us and place us in areas outside our comfort zone, if we ask Him to come into our lives and change/use us. Maybe part of the answer lies herein. I am 42 years old this year and I started asking myself this question. If I died tomorrow what have I accomplished with the days the Lord has given me besides the routine of everyday living, working, paying bills, doing household chores,yard work etc. Again, in a devotion written by Pastor Brent, scripture has on-going cautions about spending large amount of time and energy on things of little value or permanence. The only thing that lasts forever is Christians. What more could I do with my life of more significance than trying to raise money for starving children half way around the world. Where are investing your spiritual gifts,money,time and energy? What is your ?Holy Discontent?? $ 30.00 feeds 1 child for a year, just .08 cents per day. Thanks for investing your precious time to read this and may our Lord bless you for your gift. I can be reached at the e-mail address below, if you would like further information, have questions or just want to send me a note. PLEASE forward this to YOUR family and friends and introduce me to them. This will greatly assist me in extending my reach. I will gladly accept any 1 time gift, but I am in this for the long haul and would like for you to prayerfully consider adding this mission feeding program to your weekly or monthly giving after you have blessed your local church. In Christ?s name I serve, Scott A. Bannister,Scott A. Bannister- Caldwell, Kansas