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Thank you for visiting Project SSAM! The Lord has laid upon my heart a burden and desire to help relieve the hunger crisis affecting millions of precious lives throughout Africa. When we reach out and care for those in physical distress,we send a powerful message of hope and love. Most importantly,we proclaim the love and sacrifice of Christ. Jesus' love is what enables us to love and serve others. We love because Christ first loved us. Project SSAM is a compassionate way for the Body of Christ to bless others through word and deed. My prayer for the people reached through Project SSAM is that they will see the goodness of the Lord Jesus and turn to Him for everlasting life. Today,I ask you,friend,to be a partner with me on this Christ-centered journey. Let us give of our resources freely and generously. And as we give,let us remember we have treasure in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot steal! Be blessed today and be a blessing to others! "And Jesus said to them,'I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger,and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.'" -John 6:35 NKJV For the glory of God,Traci Nelms

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Anonymous 03.01.11
Anonymous 02.17.11
Anonymous 01.23.11
Traci Nelms 10.11.10
Jennifer Fellowes 07.14.10
Karlin Young 06.28.10
Christine Withers 06.28.10
Isaac Vaughan 06.19.10
Dustin Holcomb 06.06.10
Cale Zeune 05.11.10
Tyler Proctor 04.26.10
Jonathan Hewett 04.26.10
Matthew Horlacher 04.25.10
Melissa Keyes 04.18.10
Isaac Vaughan 04.02.10
Isaac Vaughan 03.10.10
Rebecca Moody 03.02.10
Kelly Polsgrove 03.01.10
Isaac Vaughan 02.21.10
Isaac Vaughan 02.21.10
Dustin Holcomb 02.09.10
Isaac Vaughan 02.05.10
Mike Howard 01.03.10
Kate Lucius 12.28.09
Traci Nelms 12.25.09
Deborah Ruff 12.24.09
Charles Simko 12.11.09
Beth Anderson 12.02.09
Janice Withrow 11.12.09
Cale Zeune 11.01.09
Traci Nelms 10.28.09