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Greetings Friend,

When I was in Southeast Asia in 2011, I discovered for myself the tremendous impact that clean water has on a community. It reduces disease, promotes healthy bodies, and provides the means for families to become self-sufficient by growing their own gardens and caring for their own animals. Clean water is absolutely vital and we here in the West often take it for granted.

So, Saelig is introducing this giving opportunity for anyone who would like to partner with us in providing clean water to a needy village. And, we at Saelig will MATCH your contributions dollar for dollar - up to the cost of an entire well !

Please visit or forward this along to anyone that you think may be interested in helping out. Thank you!

Alan Lowne
Saelig Company, Inc.

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Anonymous 07.15.12
Richard Westlake 07.14.12 Thank You --- for starting this --- I suggest you highlight this in your news letter --- maybe as the first item.
Anonymous 07.10.12 So easy for us to simply turn a faucet...