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Hello, my name is Jenna and I am 14 years old.
I raise money for Mission:RescueLIFE by making and selling greeting cards.
I started making them when I was ten years old. It began when I read a letter from Mission:RescueLIFE about Human Trafficking and how we can help. But it also told of the evil of Child Trafficking. I was horrified and immedietly wanted to help these children who are enslaved. I talked to my mum and prayed and God answered my prayer in a way I did not expect. My mum and I were invited to a friends place for a card making party and that is when the idea struck. So now I sell my homemade cards raising money to help rescue these children who are mostly the same age as me. The average age of a child when they are first sold into slavery is 12 and there are over 27 million slaves today. There are more slaves now then ever before in history!
Every 27 seconds a child is sold into slavery. Many children and teens are tricked by traffickers with the promise that they will have a job and can provide some income for themselves or for the family. Little do they realize they will never see their family or friends again. Also children are kidnapped or sold to traffickers. This is terrible and we have to do something about it! Please help me on my mission to free as many children as possible!

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Brandon Heckler 05.05.14 Great Job Jenna...keep it up!
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