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Please join us in raising money for another well in the name of our beloved Heidi. We are so excited to tell you that with all of your help the funds for the first well for Heidi's Way were reached in 6 months time. Al and I can not tell you how blessed we are by the out pouring of love from all of you who so willingly helped us to achieve this goal, much faster than we ever thought would be possible. We know Heidi would be just as blessed, in fact we believe that she is looking down cheering each and everyone of us on to finish the race and not let anything hold us back. Having said that we are looking ahead and are hoping you will come together again to help us reach a new goal Heidi's second well. This is a way for us to do what we can with out leaving the comfort of our home and be able to reach people with the love of Jesus. In a practical way by providing something we are abundantly blessed with but in other parts of the world they are not. In providing another well we are able to save many live and spare parents from having to bury there children from water born diseases. Which is something that the children are most effected by it is almost impossible for their little bodies to fight off these diseases and it is a terrible suffering death. We can help stop this maybe it is to much for one but we already know what we can do together. If we do what Jesus puts in our hearts He will do the rest. If we do unto the least of these we are doing it unto Jesus.

Love and Prayers Al and Sue Cullere & Family

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Susan Cullere 09.10.15 Heidi this is from Mom & Dad also cousin Pam and Family we are so happy to be able to dig a second well for the Lord in your Memory. This will help the less fortunate and many childeren will be save and there parents will not have to go through loosing anymor of there sweet babies. Can't wait to find out what part of the world your second well will be. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. We love and miss you so much but this does help ! One day closer to seeing you and the one we love so much, Jesus!
Anonymous 08.21.15
The Calvary Assembly 08.14.15
Anonymous 08.14.15
Anonymous 07.31.15 love sister Coetzee
Anonymous 07.24.15
Anonymous 07.21.15
Anonymous 07.17.15
Anonymous 07.17.15
Anonymous 07.17.15
Ivette Maldonado-Mora 07.13.15
Anonymous 06.12.15
Susan & Al Cullere 06.08.15 Heidi we love you, you are always in our hearts always on our minds Mom and Dad miss you so much. We are looking a head to the day we will see you again but untill then we wil continue to bring Glory to Jesus name and build you a legacy loveing and helping people as Jesus always told you to do. Love Mom and Dad
Anonymous 04.30.15
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Anonymous 03.27.15
Belinda Camacho 03.15.15
Anonymous 03.06.15
Anonymous 03.04.15
Jenna Cullere 02.26.15
Maria Figueroa 02.26.15 So humbled & blessed to be able to plant this seed in honor of Heidi such a great cause! All the Glory to God!
Anonymous 02.19.15
Anonymous 02.17.15
Anonymous 02.03.15
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Anonymous 01.27.15
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