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Human trafficking now rivals the illegal drug trade as the largest crime in the world. A child is trafficked for sex every 30 seconds, creating more than 20 million victims worldwide.

These facts are overwhelming. Yet the only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

My goal is to have 1 million people give a $1 each to help these victims. Just
$128 reaches, rescues, and restores one child. Together, we can save multiple thousands!

Will you join with me and "Be One in a Million" today?

Thanks! I knew you would!

Now, the only question is, which "One in a Million" were you? Watch the "Donations" number change when you donate and find out!

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Mission:RescueLIFE is a response to the growing epidemic of human trafficking. RescueLIFE seeks to . . .

          Reach out and prevent children from ever being taken. 
          Rescue those already enslaved.
          Restore their lives with hope for a better future and equip them with job skills.

Your gift today for Mission:RESCUELIFE will be used to help reach out to victims in Cambodia, Thailand, India and Ukraine.

Here is how your gift can help.  With each $128 invested in Mission:RESCUELIFE we can reach a child who is headed for disaster, we can rescue one from the physical and emotional prison she’s been forced to survive, or we can restore to one girl the life God created her to lead.

Campaign Wall for Be One in a Million

Name Date Comment
Anonymous 05.20.16 We can change the world. Help by making a donation now!
Anonymous 05.17.16 Thanks Mahnat for helping to rescue these children!
Anonymous 05.13.16
Karen Zullo 04.27.16 Prayers of healing and blesssings to all
Anonymous 03.24.16 Mother Teresa said, "If you can't feed 100, then just feed one." I say, "If you can't save hundred children, then just save one."
Anonymous 03.10.16 This is happening right in your back yard...every 30 seconds a child is trafficked. What if it was yours?
Anonymous 03.03.16 One less child will be enslaved because I gave. Join me, won't you?
Anonymous 02.11.16 Come on folks! The goal is $1 million. Let's help these children!
Anonymous 02.04.16 I'm 45 of "BE ONE in a Million"! Which ONE will you be?
Anonymous 01.31.16 A child is trafficked into the sex slave trade every 30 seconds. Please help rescue these children!
Anonymous 01.14.16 It's Human Trafficking Awareness Month - Let's Save These Children!
Anonymous 12.31.15 Together we can achieve what individually we cannot. Let's join together to rescue these children.
Anonymous 12.19.15 Let's help these children!
Wendy Lyon 04.13.15 One more child will be rescued from their horrific nightmare.
Anonymous 04.01.15 Hi Wendy, Happy to help!
Eileen Tansey 09.12.14 This is such a great cause, thank you Wendy for taking the initiative to do this!
Gail Feldman 08.25.14
Olga Pinn 08.21.14 I'm No. 31! Let's keep it going folks!
Katherine Z. 08.21.14 No. 32!
Jeanne T. 08.21.14 No. 33! Let's keep the momentum going!
Saideh S. 08.21.14 No. 34! What a worthy cause. Please help!
Julie E. 08.21.14 I'm #35 in a million. Which one will you be?
Beverly S. 08.21.14 It feels awesome to help rescue these children.
Anonymous 08.15.14
Brandon Heckler 07.28.14
Lori Boyters 07.16.14 How can we NOT help these poor people!
Anonymous 07.16.14 May God bless this and put a STOP to Human Traffiking!
robert barry 07.15.14
Anonymous 07.10.14
Darcy & Kirk 07.10.14 We really appreciate what Wendy is doing to help these kids! It's awesome to be a part of such a great cause.
Rowena 07.10.14 Let's join together and help this cause!
LA Gold, Jennifer & Friends 04.30.14 Let's keep the momentum going folks!
Anonymous 04.16.14 A child is being enslaved every 30 seconds. How can I not help?
Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps 04.16.14 Thanks for helping to raise awareness for this worthy cause.
Anonymous 04.02.14
Anonymous 03.06.14 Think of the relief these children must feel when they're rescued from this hell.
Doreen Turner 02.13.14 May God bless you for your wonderful work with these children of God
Anonymous 01.16.14 Who doesn't have a dollar to change a life?
Anonymous 01.07.14 #14 and counting!
Anonymous 01.07.14 #15! Let's keep it going people!
wendy lyon 01.03.14 Let's give them a Happy New Year, too!
Anonymous 12.10.13 So happy to be part of this!
Anonymous 12.10.13 Let\'s rescue some children1
Anonymous 11.23.13 Glad to be a part of this worthy cause!
Anonymous 11.23.13 #10! Only 999,990 chances to Be One in a Million are left!
Anonymous 11.14.13 Let's keep the momentum going!
Anonymous 11.09.13 I'm #6. Yippee! Let's keep it going y'all!
S Z 11.09.13 this is a very worthwhile cause-please contribute
Anonymous 11.07.13 Let's work together to make a difference!
Anonymous 10.28.13 #3! I just helped rescue a child, and it feels AWESOME!
Anonymous 10.28.13 Thanks for letting me be part of the solution. #4
Anonymous 10.23.13
Wendy Lyon 10.22.13 I'm officially "One in a Million" now!