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30 Days of Thankfulness

Shellie Tomlinson

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I have signed up for a campaign to help raise money for those that need our help. My goal is 9600 and I need your help.

Please visit or forward this along to anyone that you think may be interested in helping out.

Campaign Wall for 30 Days of Thankfulness

Name Date Comment
dianne newcomer 12.05.14 Rob and I are making this a Christmas gift to his mother -Irene Solomon--who always wanted to win the Publishing House Sweepstakes so she could "water the woirld." This is our token gift, in case she doesn't win!
Lynn Lincecum 12.01.14
Karen Lively 12.06.13
David Holt 12.02.13
Anonymous 12.02.13 From Faith Sunday School class of Community Baptist Church, West Monroe, Louisiana
Anonymous 12.02.13 In honor of the Good News SS Class. RFBC Roswell, GA,
Anonymous 12.01.13
Providence Church 12.01.13
Jimmie Mcpherson 11.30.13 Helping others helps us help ourself, I pray you meet your goal
Patrick and Jessica Maher 11.30.13 Because it's such a worthy project!
Judy Christie 11.30.13 Thank you, Shellie. Grateful for clean drinking water and for good friends who love others.
Kellie Coates Gilbert 11.30.13 In memory of Diann Hunt - author of hilarious novels and my friend who was healed of cancer yesterday when He called her home.
Frank Shelton 11.30.13 For Shellie's Wells
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson 11.30.13 In honor of my late grandparents Reverend and Mrs. Marvin Stone
Lisa Wingate 11.30.13 In memory of Matt Bibb, a great SIBA friend. Sad to learn of his passing over Thanksgiving.
Cheri Pearson 11.30.13
Anna McGowen 11.30.13
William & Betty Benson 11.27.13 Drilling of Wells.
David & Debbie Fortenberry 11.27.13 Shellie's water drive
Keith & Catherine Schwab 11.27.13 Charity - Water
Jane Rice 11.27.13 Water Wells
Shirley Gray 11.27.13 Shellie's water drive
Anonymous 11.27.13 Shellie's water well
Travis Freeman 11.27.13 For 30 Days Campaign
James & Linda Lott 11.27.13 For Shellie's Wells
P Kneiper & R Parks 11.27.13 Contribution
Debbie King Ruff 11.27.13 Shellie's Water for LIFE drive
Laurie Brister 11.27.13 Thank you for making me aware of this opportunity to give!
Amy Wiggins 11.27.13
Anonymous 11.27.13
Faye Bryant 11.27.13 for the miracle of life...
Kellie Coates Gilbert 11.27.13 To honor the memory of Aimee Thomas, 26 y.o. sister of author friend Nicole Deese who tragically died this week when her car was hit by a semi in Oregon.
Phillip and Carey Tomlinson 11.26.13 Thank you for presenting this wonderful opportunity to us all to sow into such a worthy cause. May these people glorify God for his provision of clean water.
Sherry & David Randall 11.25.13 Go Shellie!
Ann Maxey 11.25.13 With All Things Southern
Virginia B Book 11.25.13 All Things Southern Reader
Betty Robertson 11.25.13 All Things Southern Reader
Karen Lingo 11.25.13 For Shellie's water drive
Mark Parrish 11.25.13
Mark Parrish 11.25.13
Providence Church 11.24.13
Colleen Benn 11.22.13
Providence Church 11.22.13
Herb Holloway 11.22.13 May God bless your efforts, Shellie!
Anonymous 11.22.13
Tanya Dillon 11.22.13 For Thankfulness of YOU
Pamela Gurule 11.21.13
Jolina Petersheim 11.21.13 With love from the Tuesday Southern Belle View Daily!
Clay or Coni Hollingsworth 11.20.13 I enjoy your columns
Anonymous 11.20.13
Rachel Hauck 11.19.13
Zane Young 11.19.13
Clara Freeman 11.19.13
Teresa Sullivan 11.18.13
Ed Rushing 11.18.13 From Shellie's parents for the children
Rhonda Perry 11.18.13 From Shellie's BFF in His Name
Kay Mitchell 11.18.13
kristin densmore 11.17.13
Kathryn Casey 11.15.13
Anonymous 11.15.13
Laura Barker 11.15.13 Love your heart for giving a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus, Shellie!
Tim Callahan 11.13.13
Frededreia Willis 11.12.13
Anonymous 11.12.13
Jessica Maher 11.12.13
Providence Church 11.12.13
Anonymous 11.12.13
Gene & Rhonda Faubion 11.12.13 You've always had a big heart....some things never change.
Jane Campbell 11.12.13
charlotte herrington 11.12.13
Betty Harvey 11.12.13 Bless you and those you are seeking to help!!
Paula Stewart 11.12.13
LOVE NEVER FAILS 11.12.13 Never gives up, never runs out on me...
blair parker 11.12.13
Crystal Joyce 11.10.13
Anonymous 11.10.13
Lisa Wingate 11.10.13 Shellie, sorry I\'m late to the party, but love your 30 Days campaign this year!!!
Rebekah Atkins 11.09.13
Joy Taylor 11.09.13 May the Lord bless this \
Dianne Miley 11.09.13
Anonymous 11.08.13 Renea Winchester suggested this!
Providence Church 11.08.13
Jami-Lynn Crosby 11.07.13
Kellie Coates Gilbert 11.07.13 In honor of Arlene Coates, who went to be with Jesus on November 5, 1986
Angie Kinsey 11.06.13
Anonymous 11.06.13 Thanks, Shelley! Got here via Renea W. Will share with FoxTale Book Shoppe gang and on Social Media.
Leslie Young 11.04.13 Counting YOU among my gifts today! Thanks for the opportunity to join in!
Phil Tomlinson 11.04.13 Appreciate your desire to bless others. Great to be apart of such a worthy cause.
Sandra Smith 11.04.13
Shellie Tomlinson 11.04.13 This represents two snail mail donations. THANK YOU Eloise Howard and Sonny Ramsey
Eddie Dease 11.02.13 Everyone should have clean water to drink
Anonymous 11.02.13
Karen Zacharias 11.01.13
Kellie Coates Gilbert 11.01.13 Come to me, all who are thirsty . . . I came, and I'm grateful.
Jolina Petersheim 11.01.13 Thank you for listening to that still, small voice, Shellie!
Anonymous 11.01.13 oh so thankful for be able to help
Carla Stewart 11.01.13 Honored to be a part in this campaign. Thanks, Shellie, for pulling us together!
Linda Creed 11.01.13 Love your column. Thanks for letting us help
Janis Nayyeri 11.01.13 I love your heart Shellie! Thanks for letting us be a part!
Anonymous 11.01.13 Love you Shelley, bless you in this work.
Britney Adams 11.01.13
Mike and Susan Sanders 10.31.13
Julie Cantrell 10.31.13 I'm happy to be a part of your campaign to share healthy drinking water.
Kathryn Casey 10.31.13 Thank you for doing this Shellie!
Melisa Buchanan 10.31.13
L LEON PRICE JR 10.29.13
Ophelia Sellers 10.28.13 love your column
Terry & Kathy Williams 10.28.13
Nicole Seitz 10.24.13
Shellie Tomlinson 10.23.13